What We Believe

Technology should be secure, hype-free, and easy to use.

Deep Technology

Our company was founded by world-renowned Computer Science PhDs and Professors doing research in Cyber Security and Cloud Computing for decades. We have PhDs write security proofs for our technology and certify it with NIST.

Strong Security

We do not believe in pseudo-security or security by obscurity. We do not use “order preserving” encryption, “tokenization” or other marketing-driven approaches. Security is extremely difficult to get right and the devil always lies in the details. We care about these details immensely in everything we do.

Practical and Easy

We believe in technology that is practical and easy to use. Security should be delivered transparently, work seamlessly with existing applications and not impact performance. Programmers should be free to focus on application logic.

Hype Free. No BS.

We are not marketing-driven. We do not rely on vague white papers and sales skills to deliver. We believe in strong privacy and encryption and are driven by a mission to make the world a truly safer place to be.