Storage Footprint Running Out of Control?

Zero Footprint High Performance Enterprise SAN

FLASH speeds at 3¢/GB/mo. Secure. 3x Redundant

Immediate ROI

Slash costs significantly and securely access competitive pricing.

High Performance

Have your cake and eat it too. Get high speed volumes with no on-prem footprint and cloud-scale pricing.

Eliminate On-Prem Footprint

Don’t waste resources on managing large on-prem footprints. Achieve high performance with minimal on-prem footprint.

Escape Vendor Lock-In

Slash costs and securely access competitive  pricing. Get higher performance for a fraction of the cost of vanilla solutions.

Ultra-Strong Security

Operate in a Zero Trust paradigm. Don't just rely on users and backend providers to do the right thing, cross fingers and hope for the best.

Integrate Your Existing Storage

Easily integrate or migrate from existing storage platforms including on-prem and in-cloud deployments.

High-Level Features

Cloud-Scale Pricing

Have providers compete for you. Access deeply discounted cloud-scale pricing.

No surprises

No gotchas, fees, or hidden costs. Straightforward and clear deployment, pricing and benefits.

Fast Deployment

Deploy a resilient multi-continent architecture in hours.

STRONG Security

Built-in Multi-layer Encryption, military-grade Integrity, global Visibility, Complex Access Control, Information Flow and Compliance Policies. 


Whether for high availability, disaster recovery, eliminating downtime, or price, backup into one or more clouds and tens of on-prem providers.

Increase Agility

No more downtimes. Fail over, react and migrate in seconds between tens of independent backends.

Next-Gen Tech

Benefit from next-gen parallel secure data access protocols, dynamic compression, smart deduplication, aggressive caching, intelligent traffic optimization, and Sparse Volumes™.

Protect Perimeter

Control your perimeter and monitor your data flow with content inspection, advanced access control mechanisms, and global visibility. Prevent and react to unauthorized accesses in real time.

Global Scale-Out

Built-in global scale-out. Deploy efficiently enterprise-wide across multiple continents.


No more downtimes. Fail over, react and migrate in seconds between tens of independent backends.

Easy Adoption

No need to train for new APIs or use special tools. Users love the ease of adoption.

Global PolicIES

Free users and admins from having to understand or enforce policies, including quotas, data placement, security, and compliance policies.

Flexible Provisioning

Easily provision resources and connect into provisioning and management workflows.

High Resilience

Eliminate impact of backend outages and bugs with a multi-backend architecture.

Use Existing Identities

Use existing enterprise identities and credentials for unified access and policy management.

Stop Leaks

Deep-inspection Content-based Access Control prevents information leaks and breaches.