Secure Storage Integration Fabric

CipherFabric™ unifies and protects your data across on-prem and tens of cloud-based storage services. Storage services never see your keys or plaintext data. Data breaches simply do not affect you. Your client apps can run both in the cloud or on prem.

CipherBucket Overview
What Happens Today

What Happens Today

Today clients are saddled with tens of provisioning, security, credentials, and management responsibilities. It is difficult to get unified common policies and governance enforced enterprise-wide. Allocating and accessing storage takes weeks, and sometimes months, and then clients are bound to make mistakes and put the enterprise and sensitive data at risk.

Unified Everything

CipherFabric™ integrates, protects and unifies everything.


  • Unified Credentials + Access Control
  • Unified Virtual Storage Namespace + APIs
  • Data location can be transparent to clients
  • Unified Protection + Integrity
  • Unified Policies + Visibility
  • Unified Billing + Metering
  • Clients can be in cloud or on prem

Unify Everything
CipherDisk™ Overview

Efficient Block Storage

High-performance, zero-footprint cloud-backed, block storage².


  • High Performance
  • Zero footprint on prem
  • SCSI Volumes
  • Get all benefits of CipherFabric™
  • Sparse on-demand layout
  • Minimize storage
  • Highly Cost-effective
  • Copy of Cost and network optimized