Trust Nothing.
Run Encrypted.

Protect infrastructure and cloud workloads by running them encrypted without having to trust the provider and without giving up the keys. Eliminate the significant risks and liabilities of standard infrastructure and clouds exposing your most sensitive assets.

Standard cloud and infrastructure tech is insecure. Your data and computation is out of your control, fully exposed. Encryption at-rest and in-transit, or cloud-controlled HSMs cannot protect it during processing. Only At-Runtime Security™ guarantees data and computation are encrypted even during processing while encryption keys never leave your premises. You remain in full control, and unauthorized parties or the cloud itself cannot access computation and data or leak it to third parties, even when compelled.


Use Cloud Storage Securely

CipherBucket™ is a transparent multi-cloud object storage broker, enforcing governance policies and encrypting data on the fly as it moves in/out of the clouds of your choice. Clouds never see your keys or data. Learn More >


Secure Your Cloud SQL Database

CipherQuery™ is the first SQL cloud database that efficiently processes queries encrypted. Queries and data are transparently protected using strong cryptography and the cloud can never read them even when compelled to do so. Full PostgreSQL and MySQL² compatible. Learn More >


Encrypt Cloud Computation

With CipherRack™ you can efficiently run VMs, containers and standalone applications fully encrypted in public or private clouds and data centers. Unauthorized parties including the cloud or data center provider cannot see the computation, data, or encryption keys even with physical access to hardware. Learn More >


Encrypted Enterprise File Sharing

CipherLocker™ is the first encrypted storage and collaboration platform with a search portal on encrypted data and strong client-side data encryption. You can drag-and-drop, store, share, synchronize, and search. The data server cannot ever access user data or searches even when compelled. Files are encrypted before they leave your computer. Data can reside in cloud or on-prem. Learn More >